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For thousands of years, humans have been trying to understand the fundamental nature of reality and our place in this seemingly infinite universe. Most scientific endeavors in the past thousands of years focused on answering these abstract questions. And although we have come very far in our understanding of our reality, we are still barely scratching the surface.

Since ancient times, humans have always turned to spirituality for the answers we seek. Spiritual texts originating from eastern civilizations have always maintained that our reality is metaphysical. This means that it transcends physicality and the known laws of physics. However, this contrasts with the traditional understanding of science but could very well be compatible with some of the newer findings and theories.

A Metaphysical Reality

Since childhood, we are taught about planets, moons, asteroids, stars, galaxies, and other physical, astronomical bodies. Also, everything that we see around has one or the other tangible form. We can use our senses to perceive these things. So, right from an early age, we start believing that reality is purely physical.

However, the concepts of outer space, the soul, energy, intuition, and others have always made us question if something else exists. We have ever wondered if we are missing something.

As it turns out, we are. In spirituality, the whole existence is considered one single universal energy. It is said to permeate the entirety of reality. In other words, this energy is in everything, and everything is in this energy. Throughout the ages, this energy is called by various names – god, power, universal consciousness, etc.


The physical reality that we observe is but a tiny percentage of the larger reality that exists, which is hard for some to believe. However, it might be true even from a scientific perspective.

Right now, scientists say that everything that we can observe forms just 4% of reality. That means that the hundreds of billions of galaxies consisting of hundreds of billions of stars and planets together form only 4% of the universe. So, what is in the rest of the universe?

Scientists think that two forces occupy the rest of reality. However, they don’t understand these forces. One of them is called dark matter, and the other one is called dark energy. What’s interesting is that Hinduism has references to both these forces. It talks about Shiva and Shakti, the two primal forces in nature. What’s even more interesting is that scientists compare and study Shiva as an invisible form of matter and Shakti as energy.

Other eastern spiritual texts and philosophies have also mentioned similar forces. This is why sages, spiritual leaders, yogis, mystics, gurus, and others have always said that our reality is metaphysical. One day, science might discover the same.


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