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When it comes to personal development, there are many tools available to the average human today. The internet has done a great job at making these tools available to anybody who wants to use them. Take mindfulness, for instance. It is a spiritual practice that has received remarkable popularity in recent times. Hundreds of thousands of people have adopted it in their daily lives and have reaped countless benefits.


You may have heard of this term too and may have wondered what it’s all about. Well, mindfulness is the practice of becoming aware of the present moment and everything it entails. When you are mindful, you know what you are doing, what is happening around you, your current mood and what you are thinking, etc.


It might sound like mindfulness is a practice that only a highly trained spiritual master can do, so it can discourage beginners from trying it out. The truth, though, is that anybody can practice mindfulness. It might take some time and effort to get the hang of, but it can certainly be done. And given the chaotic lives that we all live, it should be instilled in our daily routine.


A Tool For Transformation

To live a much better life and to be able to pursue your dreams and goals effectively, you need to transform yourself into a capable person. That means you need to be the very person who can handle what you seek. Otherwise, even if you manage to reach the pinnacle of success, you might tumble down again.

So, how does mindfulness help in this regard?

The answer is simple. It brings your attention to where it is most suited: the present moment. Human beings have incredible powers of memory and imagination, but they are often misused. Your memory keeps reminding you of all the bad things that have happened in your past. With this reminder comes fears and insecurities as well, which can hamper your current progress.


Your brain also tends to overuse its power of imagination by playing out endless simulations of future events, and this, too, can hamper your current progress. What you should do is focus on the now. After all, that’s the only thing that is ever in your control. The past and the future are both outside your control. 


By practicing mindfulness, you can use your full potential on what you are doing. You are not bogged down by the hauntings of the past or the fears of the future. This way of thinking, feeling, and working can be very transformative.


There is another aspect of mindfulness that is often not discussed. When you pay full attention to any activity you’re doing, you become fully engrossed in it. As such, you can enjoy it a lot more. Take, for instance, mindful eating, a practice where you are fully involved in the process of eating. You notice the texture of the food, its smell, colors, taste, the way you chew, and so on.

When you do all of this, your experience of eating is greatly enhanced. You can do this with anything you do throughout your day. The result is that you live a much better and more fulfilling life.



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