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Meditation is a spiritual practice that has existed since ancient times. The fact that it has managed to stick around for thousands of years is a testament to its effectiveness. In the modern world, it has become more relevant than ever.

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has led to the average person living under constant stress and anxiety. It’s one of the main reasons this practice has gained so much popularity in the past couple of decades.

Contrary to what many believe, meditation is not just one single thing. There are many techniques and types of meditation used for a variety of purposes. Some use it for general well-being; some use it to train their minds, while others use it to explore their inner landscape. It is vital to know about and understand the different meditation types to adopt what suits you the best.

Types of Meditation

  • Mindfulness 

This technique involves bringing your attention to the present moment and being aware of everything you are doing in real-time. It also consists of letting your thoughts pass through your mind without any judgment from your side at all.


  • Focused

This technique is perhaps the most popular form of meditation and is perfect for beginners. It involves sitting in a meditative posture and focusing on only one aspect of your being. Mostly, people like to focus on their breath.


  • Thoughtlessness 

This is a more advanced technique of meditation where a person achieves a heightened sense of relaxation. In this state, they don’t get any thoughts and don’t experience any emotions. They are still and in tune with the present moment.


  • Mantra 

This is a type of meditation where a person sits in a meditative posture and repeats a word or a phrase a certain number of times. One of the most popular mantras that people know is the word “Om.”


  • Chakras

In spirituality, there are seven energy centers in the body. These are known as chakras. In this form of meditation, the focus should be on different parts of the body that correspond to each chakra. This keeps the chakras unclogged, which leads to a free flow of energy throughout your body.


Health Benefits of Meditation

  1. Regular practice of meditation reduces stress and anxiety, and by extension, all of the health conditions that come with these silent killers. This can be helpful in today’s world, where most people suffer from elevated levels of stress.
  2. Sleep deprivation is a rampant problem in the world. Meditation helps you get better sleep by promoting relaxation.
  3. Meditation allows you to organize your thoughts, and as such, your mental clarity gets enhanced.
  4. It also leads to better emotional stability. By regulating the hormones and other chemicals released by the brain, it can lead to happiness and joy.
  5. This practice is also quite effective in dealing with addictions. It helps you cope with your triggers and acts as a holistic tool to help curb your urges.


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